Import your links from Bitly with no downtime

If you have links that are already branded with your own domain name and you want to transfer them to Rebrandly avoiding downtime follow this procedure:

  1. Add the domain name you have on Bitly in your Rebrandly account:
    IMPORTANT: just add the domain name, you don't have to change DNS settings yet

  2. Notify us when done to Remember to include the email address you use to login in Rebrandly; the domain name you are moving and a reference to this FAQ.

  3. DNS verification will be forced manually by our team even if DNS settings are not changed and propagated yet.

  4. Import all your links in Rebrandly using the Bitly Importer tool, more info on how to use it here:

  5. Now you change the domain's DNS settings pointing to the Rebrandly's servers.
    DNS propagation could take up to 24 hours to be completed. During this timeframe your links will continue working correctly, when DNS propagation is completed it means the migration is finished.
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