How to Connect Rebrandly to Meet Edgar



Meet Edgar is a social media scheduling software that allows you to easily schedule content and re-publish posts.

Meet Edgar can be easily integrated with Rebrandly so you can share links on social media using branded links with your own custom domain(s).

1) Sign into Meet Edgar.

- Sign in to your MeetEdgar account. (

2) Access your Link Shortening Settings.

- Click your name in the top right and corner and select settings. Alternatively, access your link shortening settings through this link: (

- On this page you'll see a list of options such as 'name', 'email', 'time zone', etc.

- Scroll to 'URL Shortener' and click change.

3) Select 'Use to Shorten your links'.

- If you haven't signed up for Rebrandly yet you can do so by clicking 'Get a Free Rebrandly Account'.

- If you are not already signed into Rebrandly you will be prompted to do so.

- Once you are logged in you will be asked to allow Meet Edgar to access your account. Click 'allow'. 

- You can now select the domain in the dropdown that you would like to use for your branded links. (As seen below.)


The links in the posts you share on Meet Edgar will now be rebranded automatically with Rebrandly using your custom domain. You will be able to track link clicks both inside Meet Edgar and through your Rebrandly account.


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