Potential Visibility for Domains & TLDs using Branded Links

A TLD (Top Level Domain) has the potential to be viewed close to 8,000,000 times in total per each domain which uses it. This figure was calculated as follows:

Sample Size
Based on a sample size of 10,000 domains chosen at random from the Rebrandly's database spanning across 173 nations and 350 TLDs. The average number of branded links created during April 2017 was 189 links per domain.

Distribution of Links


NLC x NLS x NCV x NMD = Average number of TLD impressions per domain


189 x 35 x 10 x 120 = 7,938,000*

  • 189 = average number of links created per month. (NLC)
  • 35 = average number of times a link is shared per month. (NLS)
  • 10 = average number of times content is viewed per month. (NCV)
  • 120 = average number of months a domain is used. (NMD)

*Please note NLS, NCV, NMD are based on estimations as these numbers cannot be calculated for definite. We estimate that on average: a link is shared 35 times per month, each link is viewed 10 times per month and that a domain is actively used for 10 years (120 months). 

What Does This Mean?

This means that each of the domains you register and the associated TLDs have the potential to be viewed close to 8 million times. Essentially, every time you share a branded link you are conceivably sharing your brand name a further 8 million times!


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