Why Should I Create a Workspace?

Rebrandly Workspaces make it easy to link multiple accounts, projects or campaigns- allowing colleagues to create and share branded links using the same domain name(s).

The benefits?

  • Multiple teammates can connect their Rebrandly accounts to share a custom domain or domains- no need to share sensitive password information to grant everyone access 
  • Add all of the relevant teammates who need access to the tool, but only pay for active users each billing cycle
  • External contractors can have access to a company domain without getting account logins 
  • No need to contact the IT department or seek further approval for domain usage- once the initial setup is done, managers can authorize teams at their discretion
  • Managers can stipulate which colleagues have access to specific domains, track the links created by teammates and measure their success
  • Managers can edit and delete links created by the whole team
  • Teammates can share branded short links created by their colleagues as well as view stats

Workspaces are ideal for: 

Enterprise-level organizations: Large companies usually have teammates across departments and regions who need to work together. Workspaces allow managers to oversee link creation, track their team's performance and create custom teams based on their current needs, regardless of location. 

What's more, large companies also have the option to assign a custom domain to all of their employees in the same way that they'd assign an email address. Internal communications requiring content sharing can then be done with the company brand in mind. 

Creative agencies: Creative agencies need the ability to work with their customers' domains, which can be a messy process. Instead of sharing sensitive password and account details, the agency and marketers working on various campaigns can be given access to their clients' domains to create and share branded links and organize them all in specific workspaces. 

Universities and communities: Universities can create different teams with specific domains to differentiate between schools or departments. Workspaces are a useful tool when working on special projects that require collaboration with several colleagues from different departments.

These are just a few of the most popular use cases for teams. Regardless of the size of the organization, workspaces create freedom and flexibility around sharing branded links that are valuable in any department. 

We'd love to hear more about how workspaces work for your organization- please post your comments below!


IMPORTANT: Workspaces are only available with plans that include teammates 

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