How to Create a Team

This article will teach you how to create a new team in your Rebrandly account. Teams can share one or more custom domains to create and share branded short links together. 

1) First, sign in to your Rebrandly account,

2) then navigate to the Teams dashboard by clicking on Teams in the top-middle part of your screen.

3) Click the New Team button in the top right-hand corner of the page. A pop-up box will appear.


3) In the pop-up box, give your team a name. You can edit this later if you need to.
Note your team name must be at least 4 characters long in order to proceed. 

4) Next, you will see a list of all possible domains you can assign to this team.

  • Only domains you own will appear in this list. Click on one or several domains to select them for your team. 
  • Optionally, choose an avatar to distinguish your team by selecting a photo from your computer. (You can add one at a later time too.)
  • Last, you've got the option to write a brief description of the team's goals or objectives. 

5) Click Next.

6) In the pop-up that follows you can add your colleagues to the team. 


7) Start adding by tying their email, and hit enter to confirm. Add as many teammates as you'd like, and remember you can edit your team later in case you need to add or remove teammates.

  • If you'd like to enter a welcome message, click on the grey toggle button, and either send our template welcome message or type a custom one. 

8) Click send, and... "presto- you've made a team!" 


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