SocialBee: How to Connect with Rebrandly


SocialBee is a content repurposing site that allows you to reuse previously created content on your Social Media accounts.

Due to algorithms, new followers and people's busy lives just because you shared content before doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has seen it before. This means there as long as the content that you create is of a high quality there is a huge benefit to be gained by sharing it again.

Rebrandly can easily be connected to you SocialBee account in order to continue using Branded Links with the content you share online by following the steps below:

  1. Login to SocialBee ( you can log in using your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  2. Once you log into your SocialBee account you will be met with a number of options along the toolbar on the top of your page. Go to the drop down menu with your name on it.


  3. Click Settings

  4. Click to connect Rebrandly - you will need to have a Rebrandly account to connect.

  5. Choose your default custom domain name this is the name associated with your Rebrandly account such as below650_Picture_3.png

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