Limitations on Free Rebrandly Accounts

Rebrandly users who are currently subscribed to a free account have a limit of the amount of links they can share, domains they can connect and users associated with their accounts. 


As link specialists, we would never put a limitation on the lifespan or the control you have on your links. Once you create a Branded Link it will never break. You remain in control of your link and will be able to categorize, edit, share and manage your links (so long as you are a Rebrandly user.)

In order to ensure your links are always active, you must renew your domain name annually. Allowing your domain name to expire will result in your links breaking. 

Links may also break if you delete your domain or break the Terms & Conditions associated with the use of Rebrandly services.

You can connect a Rebrandly free account with to gain basic analytics, however, to gain more advanced data and analytics you would need to subscribe to ClickMeter and connect your account with Rebrandly. 

If you need more links, domains and additional marketing features, upgrade here.  

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