Google Drive: Bulk Links Creation with Google Sheet

This article will guide you through how to import/create branded links in bulk using a Google Sheet on Google Drive.

Get the extension
Go to your Google Sheet, on the top row under your heading you will see 'Add-on' click this to reveal the drop-down menu. On this list click on 'Get Add-ons' where you can download and install the sheet extension.

Alternatively, you can click to bring you directly to the download.

Once installed the extension will be found in the new item in the ‘Add-ons’ menu. You will now be able to transform every Google Sheet Spreadsheet into a 'Rebrandly Bulk Links Tool'.

Let’s begin
Click on ‘Make this a Rebrandly Bulk Links sheet’


Be careful: All data on your current sheet will be deleted so be sure to open a new blank spreadsheet to perform this task.

Once the process starts you can see the sheet transforming adapting it for the link creation.


The very first thing to do is to provide your API key, you can find it hereYour API key will be copied into the sidebar menu which will also automatically populate your domain name(s).

Attention: In order to use this addon, you must have registered or setup at least one branded domain, go here to register one.

There are four important columns:

(1) Destination Links (2) Slashtag (3) Title/Description (4) Shortened
The first three are used to collect data and create the short link, the fourth will display the created short URL.

Between the three columns, only Destination Links is a mandatory field, the other two, Slashtag and Title/Description, are optional.

  • Destination Links: URL to be shortened
  • Slashtag: the Slug/Keyword after '/' in your link: (e.g must be unique. If you do not specify a Slashtag, one will be generated at random
  • Title/Description: Description of your link this will only be visible on your Rebrandly dashboard

Once you insert the destination links and are ready shorten them, just select the rows and click ‘Rebrand selected rows’, to begin the shortening process.


Info: You aren’t required to fill in all of the fields for each batch of links; the system recognizes the data provided for each link and will create the relative short URL regardless.

Important: if you shorten a link which has already been shortened, the system will overwrite the old short URL with your new one.

Useful Information:

  • Expected Speed of Process: The process of link creation is quite slow, the process depends on the limited computational power that the add-on has, so it's perfectly normal for every interaction on the sheet (API key insertion, short link creation) to take up to few seconds.
  • URL validation: The Destination Link only accepts destination links, any other value is not accepted and therefore refused by the sheet.
  • Http/s: If you don't provide a protocol for the Destination Link 'Http' is assumed
  • Errors: Every error relative to the creation of a short URL is shown in the relative row on the 'E' column


Further Reading:


This Article is about:

  • Bulk Branded link import
  • Import custom short links
  • Import of links from a Google Spreadsheet
  • Import/create branded links in bulk
  • Google Sheet and Rebrandly
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  • 0
    Muzafar Chaudhry

    Hi - is there any way to see how many times a link has been clicked IN google sheets? e.g. with a formula like =rbrand_clicks(CELL)


  • 0

    Hi Muzafar, 

    For that, you need to use our Zapier integration:

    or, if you can code, look at our API:



  • 0
    Muzafar Chaudhry

    Thanks for your reply - which particular part of your Zapier integration can do that?

  • 0

    Rebrandly+Google sheet 

  • 0
    Muzafar Chaudhry

    Hi David - that's very vague as there are a few Zaps for Rebrandly + Google Sheets at the link you provided.

    Zapier integration, manually set up - only gives the option to create branded links - not to fetch statistics such as clicks from links that are already shortened. This is what I am looking for. If you have a way of doing this please do let me know. Alternatively, I'd appreciate a link directly to the solution as the above is too general.



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    Jack Coginsky

    It could be a great addon if:

    - the api key wouldnt be visible for all the users

    - you could modify the file as you want, lets say we would like to add our own Google Analytics tags and so on, and than have the fields that allow you do the shortening.

  • 0
    Hi @Jack,

    1. Api Key:
    Google sheet needs a place where it can read the api key, and every place/cell in the sheet is visible so, probably, there is no way to hide it.
    2. UTM, Tags, etc...:
    Our engineers wanted to keep the form very simple. Allowing other settings for the link could complicate it too much. We will anyway evaluate a more advanced version of this same tool. 
    Edited by David
  • 0
    Hi @Muzar,
    Please try this specific trigger: when any link reaches a certain amount of clicks you are notified. (more info here
    An example of this usage here:
    Edited by David
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