Spam Emails after Registering a Domain

Registering a Domain Name

To create branded links you are required to register a domain name. The process follows the steps below:




When you are registering your domain name you will have to submit the details of the person associated with the domain. This information will then be entered into a data-based registry called the WHOIS database. This is a compulsory step, as it will keep a record of all important information on the registered domain name such as when the domain needs to be renewed. The process is then regulated by the ICANN authority.

Unfortunately, the information submitted to WHOIS is a publicly accessible database. ICANN have implemented penalties for those caught abusing this information to spam, however, this is still a major problem. 

As a result, when you register a domain name you might receive some spam emails. It is very important to not respond to any of these emails or give any personal information to any site that you are not familiar with or is not considered a secure site. If you receive spam the issue will only be temporary and the issue will cease in some days.

Note that under no circumstances will Rebrandly release customer information to be used by spammers.  

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