Zapier: Import Links from Google Sheet Spreadsheet

This article is a guide on how to automate the creation of Branded Links from the information in a Google Sheet Spreadsheet.

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows users to connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks. Users can create a workflow whereby one target can trigger an action on another platform.

We are going to use the power of Zapier to detect new rows in a sheet and avoid duplication of already created Branded Links.

  1. First of all, create a Google Sheet Spreadsheet

  2. To make this sheet compatible with Zapier we have to compose it in the following format, the top row will include the heading and the remaining rows should contain valid values

  3. Populate the sheet for as many fields as you would like to use to create Branded Links (e.g Destination URL, Notes, Title and Slashtag)

  4. Populate the first row - it will be used to test the zap


  5. Go to Zapier and create a zap

  6. Choose Google Sheets as the trigger app

  7. New spreadsheet row will be our target trigger

  8. Connect your Google Drive account and continue

  9. Choose the spreadsheet we just created and select the worksheet (this should be 'sheet 1')

  10. By continuing you will test the previous steps, now link it to Rebrandly

  11. Choose Rebrandly as the action app

  12. Select to create branded links

  13. Connect your Rebrandly account

  14. Now link the fields of the Google Sheet with the Rebrandly link parameters. Click on the dropdown list you will access the sheet populated by the example, feel free to use all the fields if you want


  15. Continuing you will access the review the example link which is ready to be tested

  16. Everything is set up, you are ready to turn on your Zap

From now on every link you add to your sheet will follow the automated action set up.


This Article is about:

  • Bulk Branded link import
  • Import custom short links
  • Import of links from a Google Spreadsheet
  • Zapier and Rebrandly

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