Free WHOIS Privacy for Branded Domains

WHOIS privacy for Rebrandly users 

At Rebrandly, your privacy is our priority!

From November 28th, 2017, we're offering our users WHOIS privacy free of charge.
Don't know what WHOIS privacy is? Find out more here

How do I know if my details are private?

  1. To check your WHOIS privacy settings, first, enter the domains section your Rebrandly dashboard. 

  2. Next, select the domain you'd like to check. 

  3. Look for WHOIS privacy, and you'll see a toggle bar. If privacy is not enabled and you'd like it to be, click on the toggle bar and privacy will be enabled for your domain free of charge. 



Can I disable privacy?

Yes! You can disable WHOIS privacy at any time. Follow the same steps as outlined above to check privacy settings for your domains. If you see privacy enabled, simply click the toggle bar to disable it. 

What happens when I renew my domain name?

When you renew a domain name with Rebrandly that you purchased through us, your privacy on that domain will be automatically renewed too. (Note that if WHOIS privacy is disabled for that domain at the time of renewal, it will not be enabled automatically.) 

I bought my domain from another provider, how do I get WHOIS privacy?

We can only enable privacy on domains registered via Rebrandly, so if your domain was registered with another provider we won't be able to do it. 

If you'd still like to enable privacy on that domain, we recommend contacting your domain provider- most domain registrars offer WHOIS privacy services to their users. 

Alternatively, you can request the domain be transferred to Rebrandly, and then enable privacy via your dashboard. 


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