How Does the Custom Report Builder Work?


Rebrandly's Custom Report Builder allows you to create custom-built reports based on all of the click data from every one of your links. Users can design reports with the filters that matter most to their team, schedule them to reoccur at set intervals and send the reports to colleagues and stakeholders. 

To create a custom report

  1. Navigate to Custom reports section via the Reports dropdown (Reports > Custom Reports)

  2. Select the workspace you want to create your report for from the dropdown and then click the "New custom report" button.

  3. To set up your report, enter a title, select from the dataset and filters options and decide on the scheduling frequency. Note that report filters can't be changed after the report is created. 

  4. Once you've added all the relevant metrics you want to report on, click "Save report" and your report will be added to a queue for processing.

  5. When results are ready you will be notified by email with your report in CSV format.

Click filters explained: 
There are two sections you'll need to select for each report- the dataset and the filters. The dataset will make up the columns that will be shown on your final report (the CSV file) and the filters are click elements you are refining your report by. For your dataset, we recommend selecting branded links by default. 

There is a relationship between every filter you select, either AND or OR

If you select OR, we will show click data that matches at least one of the selected filters, potentially more than one. This means that clicks data that features any of the filters you've selected will appear in your report. 

If you select AND, we will show click data that matches at least one combination of the selected data, and we'll search for as many combinations as are available.

You can choose to filter by: 

  • Tags- clicks featuring a specific tag
  • Domains- clicks on links with specific branded domain names

  • Teammates- clicks on 

  • Click type- unique or non-unique clicks

  • Traffic type- click data that are from humans, bots or both

  • Click location- clicks coming from specific countries 

  • UTM Parameters- clicks tagged with UTM parameters for term, source, campaign, medium, and content

Column Visibility
Select which columns you want to be visible in your custom report. 

Scheduling and sharing options explained:

  • Report- select the fixed time range your report will reflect

  • Start date- select a start date for your report to run backward from

  • Frequency- set your report to repeat at specific frequencies. Note that if you exceed the number of reports available in your plan you will be charged over quota fees for any additional reports. 


  • Timezone- convert clicks from UTC to your local timezone 

  • Share with- send the custom report with colleagues- they'll get an email notification when your report is complete and ready to view. 

Manage custom report results

  1. Navigate to Custom Reports (Reports > Custom Reports)
  2. Select one of your custom reports templates from the list
  3. A pop-up will appear listing all your previously generated results.
    From here you can download results, pause/resume your report, edit its schedule or permanently delete the template.

The Custom Report Builder is paid feature and may not be available with all subscriptions. If you'd like to add custom reports to your plan get in touch on Rebrandly.Support/Contact

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