How To Test Automatic Link Detection

Our Automatic Link Detection feature detects any link you type on one of the whitelisted websites and then suggests a branded link automatically. We're whitelisting new sites every day, and you can help us add to our whitelist by testing out some of your favorite tools too!

Here's how it works: 

Make sure you're logged in to your Rebrandly account, then right-click on the Chrome extension and click Options.


Scroll to the Whitelist section and click "Enable every website"


Enabling Automatic Link Detection on every site will allow you to test the feature to see if it works in tools we haven't yet whitelisted. 

When you do discover a new site or tool where automatic link detection is possible, we simply ask that you go back to your Chrome options, toggle back to the whitelisted site list by un-ticking "enable every website" and then add the new site to the whitelist. 

Our engineers will investigate further to ensure optimum functioning of the tool, and we'll keep hard at work expanding the whitelist!


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