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Automate Your Workflow with Zapier Integration for Custom Short Links



  • jaihaze

    So not the case, when you have it create a branded link and then use that in another action its not showing up in the other actions.  IT DOES however create the link

  • David

    Hi Jai, what do you mean exactly? Not sure I understand your question 100%

  • Chris Palmieri

    We currently use Rebrandly's zapier integration for creating dynamic branded links that are sent by email. The integration works great! Our zap has multiple steps. On a trigger (usually from user input) the branded link is created. After the branded link is created we create another action step where the branded link is added to a different service (email, text, database, google drive spreadsheet, etc.)

    1. Trigger - user input (complete form, push button, etc.)

    2. Action - Rebrandly - take the data from the trigger and use it to create a branded link. The data from the trigger needs to be a URL.

    3. Action - Any other service you desire (gmail, email, SMS, Google Sheets). Take the Rebrandly branded URL and use it as desired. 

  • Katie Nuckolls

    Hi Chris, thanks for posting about your use case! We're delighted you're finding our Zapier integration useful! 


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