Zapier: Short URLs - Connect Rebrandly with Other Apps

Connect your custom short links to hundreds of other apps

Our integration with Zapier will let you connect your Rebrandly account to hundreds of other apps and automatize a great number of tasks.

To use this Integration, visit

Zapier automatically links and integrates information between your web apps giving you a seamless user experience and offering the opportunity to automate your workflow. They do this by allowing you to set a target on one platform to trigger an action on another platform.


This article is about:

  • Zapier for short links
  • Short URL Zaps

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    Jai Haze

    So not the case, when you have it create a branded link and then use that in another action its not showing up in the other actions.  IT DOES however create the link

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    Hi Jai, what do you mean exactly? Not sure I understand your question 100%

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    Chris Palmieri

    We currently use Rebrandly's zapier integration for creating dynamic branded links that are sent by email. The integration works great! Our zap has multiple steps. On a trigger (usually from user input) the branded link is created. After the branded link is created we create another action step where the branded link is added to a different service (email, text, database, google drive spreadsheet, etc.)

    1. Trigger - user input (complete form, push button, etc.)

    2. Action - Rebrandly - take the data from the trigger and use it to create a branded link. The data from the trigger needs to be a URL.

    3. Action - Any other service you desire (gmail, email, SMS, Google Sheets). Take the Rebrandly branded URL and use it as desired. 

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    Hi Chris, thanks for posting about your use case! We're delighted you're finding our Zapier integration useful! 

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