Rebrandly: Suspended account

Why has my Rebrandly account been suspended? If you're try to login into your Rebrandly account and you get this message: "ACCOUNT SUSPENDED!" it can be related to one of the following:

#1 Outstanding Payments

There is one or more outstanding payment due for the account.  This means your paid account is active but we did not receive the payment(s). You can find the status of your payments here: 

Each time Rebrandly fails to receive payment we'll send one or more notifications via email and continue to attempt to bill the account for a certain number of days.  Please review and confirm that the credit card on file has not expired and/or that the card on file has sufficient funds for payment.  Please double check the card on file with Rebrandly account to solve the issue.  When this has been completed please send an email to our support center: 


  • In case only one payment is outstanding all the tracking link will redirect normally and all stats are collected. After the outstanding payment is collected your account will be reactivated)
  • In the case of more than one payment is due we will send  an alert email and your links may be paused (redirected but not tracked) or even permanently deleted (nor redirected or tracked).
  • In both cases of outstanding payment, the account will be held in "payment due" status until you proceed with the payment

#2 Bad link(s)

Rebrandly has many millions of outstanding links on the Web.  A very small amount of our customer unfortunately use tracking links in spam, phishing or other malicious illegal activities. Rebrandly has protocols in place to check the quality and integrity of the tracking links being created with our platform.  We will also review and evaluate complaints that come from many different global accredited sources. Rebrandly reserves the right to review, evaluate and decide on a case to case basis to delete suspected links or to suspend Rebrandly accounts if they are viewed as malicious. If you believe your account has been suspended for these reasons please carefully review Rebrandly's terms. If you believe your links are absolutely legit and your website/system has not been compromised by hackers and you've thoroughly reviewed Rebrandly's anti-spam and terms and conditions  you can send an email to  with a detailed explanation of your links and request the reactivation your Rebrandly account/links

#3 Other problems

Other problem/bugs can occur. In this case you can send an email to our support team and ask for more info



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