Dropshare: How To Integrate With Rebrandly


Dropshare is a menubar application that allows uploading files, screenshots and screen recordings from the menubar directly to many different storage providers. With Dropshare Cloud you can skip setting up storage and updating servers and just use a ready-to-go cloud storage solution.

Rebrandly fully integrates with Dropshare, allowing you to upload files using a custom short link.

1) Access Dropshare Preferences

 - Click the Dropshare extension and select the gear symbol in the top right.

- Select Preferences

2) Change Upload Settings

- Click Uploads

- Change the 'Use URL shortener' settings to 'Use Custom Shortener'.

3) Update API Settings.

- Click the symbol beside 'Use Custom Shortener' to open API settings window.


- In the 'Custom Endpoint URL' box enter the following: 


*Please note bolded sections need to be customized*

- The first bolded section YOUR_API_KEY will be replaced with the API key found in your Rebrandly account. To access this, sign into Rebrandly and click your account image before selecting 'API settings'

- The second bolded section rebrand.ly will be replaced with the name of the domain you would like to use for creating custom links. For example, Acme.link  

*Please note the selected domain must be a domain which is already connected to your Rebrandly account.* 

- Set 'Parameter name' to 'destination'.

Ensure that the 'HTTP Method' option is set to 'GET' 

You're ready to start uploading files with a custom short URL

The link to each file you upload to Dropshare will now be automatically shortened using your custom domain.


This article is about:

  • Rebrandly and Dropshare integration.
  • Custom Dropshare Link
  • Dropshare Vanity URL
  • Dropshare Branded Link
  • Dropshare Custom Short link

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