A Few Comments from Happy Customers

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  1. Saurabh K. "Rebrandly has some good features that other link shortening services don't provide."

  2. Zer0Rei "I liked the idea of using your own custom URL (brand name) to shorten links"

  3. Mark B. "Testing Rebrandly as an alternative to Bitly for a client" 

  4. Clement "Hello David. We're quite fond of google hangouts, which we also push on youtube. But these links are quite nasty and have the tendency of changing over time (an intermittent bug on Google's side). Using clean Rebrandly URLs we improve service quality and avoid sharing outdated links."

  5. Dedrones "Hi! I have a drone blog and I'm using some referred products. I'm using Rebrandly to check which products are more visited and also really important because I can change de original URL. If I have some links in my blog and youtube, and suddenly, the product changes his URL, with Rebrandly I can't change just one URL and all links will be updated. thanks for making this possible"

  6. Gerardo: "Hi! We are using a lot of links to sell music, but wanted them to be branded with our own artist name instead of the affiliate links that were provided with our labels name on it."

  7. Peter "I never took links quite so seriously or even considered how important they are. I like the results of links, the fact that people click and provide traffic to our blog but I never gave it much attention until you came along. High praise indeed as I’ve been marketing for years now! I knew links were important but I didn’t care that much."

  8. Sixto G. A. "I saw an article on top apps to use for social media, read it, and thought that the idea of making short links custom was genius."

  9. Kathleen "Hi David, I have a nonprofit I am fundraising for, and the link is very long to write on fliers/business cards, etc. So once I started looking at custom names, this seemed to make a lot of sense. I am anxious to start using it" 

  10. Matthew "We put out materials for teachers, families, and students and need URLs that are short and easy and preferably branded"  

  11. Andrea "I was looking for a URL shortener that allowed me to redirect where it goes. We update documents that are publicly accessible a lot. To be able to put ONE link out there, and just update where it goes...that will save me HOURS of my life. Even better that I could brand it with our name and look more official."

  12. Srykant "The ability to delete unused links and the custom domain branding features are what attracted me to Rebrandly over Bitly or Goo.gl." 

  13. Gary "I am finding Rebrandly to be very good. I like being able to customize the links and use a short version of the name of my podcast as the domain stem." 

  14. Xpuf "Hi David. I signed up because this is the best URL shortener service I could find that let you change the destination link without having to create a new URL shortcut. That's exactly what I was looking for."

  15. RR "We're planning to use the service to track when employees click links in their emails to view rotas in order to avoid missed appointments where people claim they missed the email or it never arrived." 

  16. John D. "To help me with links that I can announce easily on my podcast and listeners will remember them." 

  17. Cai "I like Rebrandly because Bit.Ly won't let me register more than one URL, and I was recommended by iwantmyname.com"

  18. Peplop B. "So much more trustworthy to give someone a link with your own brand. :)"

  19. Skyler "David, best link shortener I've seen - love it!!! Recommending it to all my team."  

  20. Victor M. "My use case is to use this to shorten links with some more or less mnemonic names and to make sure the links point to the right place even when the destination changes. Basically, this is putting redirection under my control without having to run my own webserver"

  21. Charlie B. "I use quite a lot of long hashed links to deliver photos to clients and wanted to try this to see if I can make it prettier"

  22. EI "You, guys, are genius. The app is amazing"

  23. Salkwa "hi David. I signed up so I could create some custom links for my company. We want to send casting links to clients, but would like them to look a little nicer than Dropbox which is what we usually do"

  24. Arun J. "Better control over links compared to Bitly and integration of the extension to my browser" 

  25. LEO "Rebrandly allows me to have a unique URL for all my social media accounts. Especially those where I cannot get my username. For example, on Tumblr and Youtube I couldn't get my username @untypicalman So I use social.untypicalman.com/tumblr"

  26. Prefers to remain anonymous "We were using bit.ly for our links in catalogs and quotes that we sent out to our customers, those links usually connected to dropbox photos or online catalogs. Now we are changing our catalogs and realized that bit.ly doesn't allow us to change the content of the link without changing the link itself. So we need a new tool to be able to create nicer links to avoid changing links all the time when we want to change the content."

  27. Jerome "Because it was the only free custom URL shortener service where I could use my own domain. I love Rebrandly so far! 😀"



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