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How To Create Custom Short Links on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform globally. When posting on Facebook you can use Branded links (aka Custom Short URLs or Vanity URLs) to share content and increase your click-through-rate by up to 39%.

This guide walks through how to create custom short URLs directly on Facebook using Rebrandly. Using our Chrome extension You can create branded links on Facebook in just one click.

Bonus tip:
You can also make a vanity URL for your Facebook page itself whether it's a personal or business page. These links would look something like: BrandName/FB. These links can be used for online and offline promotional materials like packaging, flyers or business cards. Read this article for more info.



The image above shows the Rebrandly Chrome Extension in action with Facebook 


In order to create a branded link on Facebook please first ensure that you are logged into a Rebrandly account.


With Google Chrome Browser

If you are using Google Chrome you can easily create custom short links on Facebook with one click by downloading Rebrandly's Chrome extension and using the automatic link detection feature.

The video below shows you how it works. 



With other browsers

If you're using a browser other than Chrome then creating vanity URLs (custom short links) for Facebook is still extremely straight forward. Just download the right extension and you are ready to go!

With Firefox: Firefox Browser extension info

With Safari: Safari Browser extension info

With Intenet Explorer, Opera and other browsers: Rebrandly bookmarklet 


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