How Rebrandly Pricing Works

There are several pricing tiers available for Rebrandly customers, however, we can customize plans based on specific use cases- especially if you're an Enterprise company or a developer with a special project in mind. Find the right price plan for you here:, and if you're interested in discussing a custom plan contact us on Rebrandly.Sale/Contact

Main elements and over quota

Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis and prices are based on the total number of links available in the account, the number of managed domains and the number of users (teammates). Specific advanced marketing features can be unlocked by upgrading. 

If you go over your price plan's quota for links, domains or active teammates you will be billed additionally for the extra usage. In the page Account>Subscription you can find out if your quota has been exceeded or not. 

Some features may not be available to you based on your subscription level. If you want to use a feature that's not a part of your plan you'll be prompted to upgrade. 

  • Branded links: Create a shortened URLs that are built around a brand name or related term that helps to associate your company with the links, content, and information you share online. Learn more

  • Custom domains: Purchase or connect a custom domain of your choice to use for your branded links Learn more

  • Teammates: Invite colleagues to share branded links as a team, and keep track of the links they're creating from your dashboard

Starter Features

  • Emojis: Users can create branded links that include emojis. (Emojis aren't currently supported in all browsers, but they're a really cool extra.) Learn more
  • QR Codes: Generate QR Codes from your repertoire of branded links. Learn more
  • UTM builder: Add UTM Parameters to your links, save UTM templates and see all those stats in your Google Analytics dashboard. Learn more
  • Link Notes: Add searchable short descriptions to your links. Learn more

Pro Features

  • Retargeting: Add retargeting scripts to your links to serve users ads at a later date. Learn more
  • Aggregated Reports: Visualize popular click metrics from your audience grouped by tag, domain, workspace or teammate. Learn more
  • Link Tagstag your links and organize them in your Rebrandly dashboard

Premium Features

  • Customizable API rate: Get increased API request per second limitations based on your specific needs
  • Custom report builder: Customize, schedule and send tailor-made reports based on all of the click data from your audience. Learn more
  • Mobile deep linking: Redirect users to a specific location in a mobile app. Learn more

For a full list of Rebrandly features and pricing information, visit

Enterprise Customers and Custom Plan Requirements

Rebrandly can cater to enterprise users requiring a very high number of links, domains, and users associated with the account. We provide dedicated engineer and account support, with customizable features, special requirements for privacy and can cater to other requirements as needed. 


For developers working on special projects, integration or who are interested in working with our public APIs, please visit our Developer's Hub. Depending on the scope of your needs, our engineers can be available to provide assistance. 

Early adopters 

All users who signed up prior to the 21st of August, 2017 will be able to access all of the features they've previously used, regardless of where they now fall in the pricing structure. Furthermore, your links, domains, and teammates will all remain available to you, however, you will need to upgrade when you reach the next threshold. For early adopters who have questions about their accounts, please reach out on Rebrandly.Support/Contact.  

Support levels

We strive to serve all of our customers' needs and queries in a timely manner and will respond to questions as fast as possible. That being said, different plans are associated with different support levels and sometimes we need to give priority to our biggest customers. If you're in need of dedicated support, please get in touch on 

For any questions about Rebrandly's plans, about your account or other queries contact Rebrandly.Support/Contact


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