Famous Radio Stations Use Branded Links

Today we interview Justine Cullinan, Station Manager at 5FM


Hi Justine, what do you do?
I bring together youthful diverse South Africans through the power of music….by being the Station Manager of 5FM.

What makes 5FM so special?
5FM is not a just a radio station. 5FM is a multimedia brand that builds and shares content across digital and on-air media channels informed by a youthful community. 5FM’s purpose is to bring together youthful South Africans through the power of music. As an entertainment powerhouse 5FM features some of the most well-known media personalities and music DJs in South Africa. The station embraces content that is relevant, youthful and co-created with the 5FM community while proudly supporting the South African music industry. 5FM has won numerous awards, including seven consecutive Generation Next awards for Coolest Radio Station, 2012 Commercial Station of the Year at the MTN Radio Awards and the Most Influential International Station at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Los Angeles. 5FM lives loud!

How Branded Links can be useful for a Radio Station?
5FM’s content is distributed, co-created, shared and re-shared through a variety of digital platforms. Branded links help us deliver that content to our large communities in easy and relevant ways. It keeps our community connected within the spaces we care-take and exposes them to more aspects of the station’s multifarious outputs.

What do you like about Rebrandly?
Rebrandly gives you the opportunity to make the look and feel of your links tie into your brand identity and image. It also offers a sense of credibility for the user by offering a customizable link that allows the brand to endorse it more assertively.

More About Justine

Justine Cullinan believes that radio enables the coming together of many people in the sharing of stories and the global language of music. She works in radio because it changes people’s lives. At 5FM Justine sets the standard for broadcast management with a vision that ultimately takes responsibility for the creation of the most memorable experiences that South Africans will make in their youthful years. Her vision for 5FM is to ensure it is so entrenched in the minds and hearts of youthful South Africans, that it is a fundamental conduit for them to remember the best times of their lives. on Linkedin - on Twitter



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