404 Page Redirect and Target Mirror Domain

Broken banded links redirect modes.

Any click on a branded link that does not exist will generate a 404 error message ("page-does-not-exist") and will redirect the visitors to a standard Rebrandly 404 page (like the below image). It usually happens when a branded link has been deleted or there is a typo in the link that has been clicked. 


For each domain name configured into your Rebrandly account, you have the ability to redirect 404 requests to a custom destination URL of your choice. This option is available only for some paid subscription plans, and can be accessed on the domain details page: In your Rebrandly dashboard, click on "Domains" > Click on one of the domain names > Go To Custom URLs  


Static URL

When the Static URL option is selected, users are redirected to a custom static URL every time a broken/non-existing link is clicked.


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Mirror to target domain

When the Mirror option is selected, users are redirected to a mirroring dynamic destination URL.
The destination URL will be composed of a static domain name of your choice and the same path used in the broken branded link. 

: If this option is enabled, all redirected traffic will not appear in the broken links management report. Learn more


Behind the scenes:


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