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Hosted link shortener VS Hosting a link shortener

"Yours" is probably the best solution when you have the time, the resources and the patience to host and maintain your own redirect and tracking software. But in the era of the cloud, the years of AWS, Azure, Heroku etc... When you can access to great SaaS and Platforms it probably does not make any sense to use a software that you have to instal, configure, maintain and monitor. 

Rebrandly is probably the best Software As A Service to short and share URLs using your domain(s) names. And is free with all the most important features. 

Of course you can choose many other URLs shorteners, it depends on what you need to do. But when it comes to rebranding your links Rebrandly offers you the best features. In fact you can:

And specifically, VS Yourls:

  • No installation needed (you are live with your new domain in minutes).
  • Great reliability (we guarantee 99,9% uptime for all our branded links) a team of engineers monitor h24 7days a week all our servers clusters. 
  • Scalability: with your rebrandly account you are able to create up to 10,000,000 of branded links and track up to 1 billion clicks per month.
  • Do not use and pay for your own servers usage.

What our Customers think about Rebrandly VS Yourls:

> Jake Hower, Founder at Fuzed, Melbourne Australia



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