Rebrandly Price Plan Update - FAQ

I received an email regarding the price increase of my plan. Can you give me any information about it?

Yes. As a Rebrandly customer, you would have received an email suggesting the plan best suited to your link management needs. This plan has been recommended based on your prior use of Rebrandly services.

Rebrandly’s new plans are available here.

There you will find the necessary information to identify which plan will be appropriate for your future needs.

If the recommended plan does not meet your needs, you can choose another option from Rebrandly’s pricing page.

Your Rebrandly subscription will be automatically updated on your next renewal date, but you are welcome to choose another plan at any point before that time.

Simply log into your account to access your profile and click here to select the most suitable plan.



BRANDED LINKS PER MONTH: All current branded links will remain active regardless of your chosen plan. New branded links can be added up to your new monthly allowance according to the plan. 


Your current subscription has 750 active branded links. You can opt for the LITE plan (adding up to 250 new links every month), the ESSENTIALS plan (adding up to 1500 new links every month), or other plans, based on your forecasted monthly usage.


CLICKS PER MONTH: Your branded links will always be available and receive unlimited clicks, no matter what plan you choose. There will be no surcharge on new plans. 


Note: Rebrandly will track all clicks and produce analytics according to your new monthly plan volume. See the Volumes> Clicks Tracker Per Month item at the bottom of the page for details on monthly click tracking (Example: LITE plan includes 10,000, ESSENTIALS plan includes 25,000, etc.).


DOMAINS: domains can be either managed by you and added to Rebrandly for creating branded domain links (Externals Domains) or purchased through our platform (MANAGED DOMAINS). 

In both cases, there is a limitation of use. Make sure you have the number of domains that correspond to the plan you choose.


In the case of an External domain, you can disconnect it if you want to lower the number of domains in your subscription and select a different plan.

In the case of a Rebrandly-Managed domain, you should wait for the domain’s expiration (and the subsequent grace period) for the system to disable it automatically.

If you still need clarification about the most suitable plan, you can contact Rebrandly Support, who will be happy to guide you in the plan that best suits your needs.


If you aren’t able to find a plan that suits your needs and decide to suspend your subscription, we kindly ask you to complete this FORM after logging in. The service will change your account’s auto-renew status to OFF. When your current subscription expires, the account will be terminated.


In this case, if you have active domains, as a good practice, we strongly suggest setting them to auto-renew OFF to prevent automatic renewal.


I have been a customer for several years, can I get a discount?

First of all, thank you for trusting us with your links!

Rebrandly offers flexible, wide-ranging, and highly competitive subscription options for most use cases and you can save by choosing an annual plan instead of a monthly one.

If you’d like to access more value and explore a multi-year subscription, please contact our Sales team and they will be happy to assist you.

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